Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Alfred's Antics

Here's an update on our rascally elf ...

He decorated one of our trees--but not exactly the traditional kind--our palm tree. Is Alfie trying to tell us something? Ok, ok, Alfred. We know! It's time to put up our Christmas tree!

See him over there climbing the trunk with a glass ball hung over his shoulder? He's the one who did it, alright. The boys fell over laughing.

The tikis stand guard during year-round at our house. "Tiki Shiny" (the one with the blue eyes--Camden named him) has a prominent place on a shelf in our living room and often interrupts feuds and helps settle arguments when the boys are at odds. These guys were wrapped in newspaper and packed away when the Christmas decorations came out, but Alfred dug them out to ask them questions and take notes about the boys' behavior. Camden giggled and said, "He looks just like a counselor writing on his pad: 'Hmmm, can you tell me a little bit more about that?'" Haha. 

Oh, Alfred ... he just couldn't help himself. There were animal cookies and crumbs everywhere!

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  1. Sooo much fun to see these pics! We enjoyed hearing of Alfred's antics both here and in VA when the boys visited. They are such cuties and I love and miss them so much.