Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkin Patch with the Bergmans

Austin & Heather were having a bash at the pumpkin patch and invited us to come along.

Farmer Camden!


My handsome boys.
(Yeah, yeah, Mom, so you got a picture already ... now can we go back to running around the pumpkin patch?!? Geesh!)
Everybody back to the wagons!

Handsomest pumpkin carrier I ever did see. :) The wedding is one week from today.

Liam, Christian, and Austin on the wagon heading back.

Camden, King of the Hay Bales!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten?!?!

Wow! Camden is a kindergartner! Crazy, crazy! He is so ready and so excited. The first week went awesome. Here are some shots from the first day. (As soon as I get together enough time and energy, I will put up at least one from my nice camera!)

little stud muffin

Hard to see, but he shot me an "I love you" sign as I walked out the door. Too cute.

Busch Gardens, VA

Free day for U of R faculty at Busch Gardens! Woot! Poppa and I took the boys, and we had a blast! Love the park here. So shady! Cam says it's called "Busch" gardens because there are so many bushes. Haha!

Cam and Poppa are in the third-from-the-last car.
Hot, sweaty boys on the train.
Cutie Camden

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Beach Baby!

One of the biggest highlights of the summer? Liam had his very first beach experience. And ... he LOVED it! We practically had to drag him home at the end of the day. Looks like we will be driving out to VA Beach more often!

First steps on the sand...

Busy boys!


Mima, soaks in the sun while watching her crazy great-grandkids!

Annnnnd (*drumroll please*) Granmy taught Camden how to boogy-board! So cool!

Liam loved the water, too. He spent a lot of time chasing the waves, but even more soaking in his own personal swimming pool. :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012


We spent a lovely afternoon in one of our favorite places: the Japanese garden at Maymont. Auntie Becka came too.

See Cam on the rock at the base of the waterfall?

And there's the other one, cute as a button ... as usual!
Waiting for me ... some with more patience than others. haha
Too cute for words.
(Hard to believe right after this outing he promptly began puking uncontrollably -- drenched both of us from head to toe right as we walked in the house. Ah, motherhood.)