Sunday, September 9, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten?!?!

Wow! Camden is a kindergartner! Crazy, crazy! He is so ready and so excited. The first week went awesome. Here are some shots from the first day. (As soon as I get together enough time and energy, I will put up at least one from my nice camera!)

little stud muffin

Hard to see, but he shot me an "I love you" sign as I walked out the door. Too cute.

Busch Gardens, VA

Free day for U of R faculty at Busch Gardens! Woot! Poppa and I took the boys, and we had a blast! Love the park here. So shady! Cam says it's called "Busch" gardens because there are so many bushes. Haha!

Cam and Poppa are in the third-from-the-last car.
Hot, sweaty boys on the train.
Cutie Camden