Saturday, March 16, 2013

Easter Eggs and ... COUSINS!

We had so much fun at the Easter-egg hunt at church ... but mostly because we got to hang out with Jared, Katie and the cousins! Libbie and Liam are only a few weeks apart, and we loved getting to know baby Drew a little better. They are such a beautiful family! I adore them.

Drew. I love him.

Libbie and Liam. They are so hilarious together.

She is soooooo pretty. My only niece--whenever I get around her, I drink it in and savor the little-girly-ness. Pictures like this make me want to cry and giggle and scoop her up all at the same time. When I see her, though, I just try to be loving, but chill. ;)

My little bro, J-rock, is such a cute daddy.


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