Monday, September 29, 2014

General Conference, Fall 2014

Christian is Ward Mission Leader now, and he had this fantastic idea to make goodie bags and reminders for friends and families regarding General Conference this weekend. So I figured ... why keep these to ourselves?

If you are in Midlo Stake, EST, then let me know. I can email you the ready-to-go printables, which should make it pretty easy for anyone else who wants to use them. :)

Happy Conference!

Cute Debbie posted this after she opened hers. :)

My REAL Blog

Hello, friends and family. In case you haven't found me yet ... my other blog is where I post most often. I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with this one. Hmmmm. I guess it's just in limbo right now.

Come see what I'm up to at:

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Whale Poop

Have you ever read your kid that potty-training book, "Everyone Poops" and gone crazy at the page that says, "What does whale poop look like?" because you have to keep saying over and over to your wide-eyed toddler, "I don't know, honey. Mommy doesn't know what whale poop looks like, either." You're the Mom. You're supposed to know everything.

So, here you go ... a great pic with a great answer ... and you can even show junior if you want to. I showed my boys, and they LOVED it! Liam was demanding an answer, so we finally decided to find out once and for all! Accompanying article is quite informative too and includes additional pics, but this is really the best one.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Whew! That was hard work.

Alfred's Antics

Here's an update on our rascally elf ...

He decorated one of our trees--but not exactly the traditional kind--our palm tree. Is Alfie trying to tell us something? Ok, ok, Alfred. We know! It's time to put up our Christmas tree!

See him over there climbing the trunk with a glass ball hung over his shoulder? He's the one who did it, alright. The boys fell over laughing.

The tikis stand guard during year-round at our house. "Tiki Shiny" (the one with the blue eyes--Camden named him) has a prominent place on a shelf in our living room and often interrupts feuds and helps settle arguments when the boys are at odds. These guys were wrapped in newspaper and packed away when the Christmas decorations came out, but Alfred dug them out to ask them questions and take notes about the boys' behavior. Camden giggled and said, "He looks just like a counselor writing on his pad: 'Hmmm, can you tell me a little bit more about that?'" Haha. 

Oh, Alfred ... he just couldn't help himself. There were animal cookies and crumbs everywhere!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Alfred T. Elf

We've had a new visitor this season. The boys discovered him dangling from a pine-needle bungee on the hall light. He was holding a red sharpie and a note that said "Hi, Camden and Liam. I'm Alfred. Alfred T. Elf. I'll be watching you, so be good boys!" See, he reports back to the big guy, so now our little dudes are going to be on their (*ahem*) best behavior. :) A red sharpie, huh? I have a feeling just from our introduction that Alfie might be a little bit of a scoundrel himself.